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Our Philosophy

Eden day Spa, Chandigarh’s best spa that provides the ULTIMATE SPA EXPERIENCE with treatments created by combining the best ancient techniques and herbal secrets with advanced discoveries in beauty and wellness. Our spa has a distinctive atmosphere where you enjoy superior soothing service without unnecessary formality. Every one of Our-Pholisopy-e1432364241620our spa therapists is professionally trained at different countries to give you a scientific, friendly and outstanding spa experience. Individual shower enclosures in each rooms and provision of disposable underclothes further ensure we maintain only the highest standards of hygiene and privacy for each of our guests. Eden day Spa currently relax over 50+ guests every single day enabling them to have a stress free well being. We welcome you to the Eden day spa n parlour Experience.




‘Guest Experience’

Leave your cares behind when you enter the serenity of Eden day Spa. The tranquility deepens as the guest passes through the gate and follows the pathway to an exotic world of beauty, serenity and pleasure. The concept of creating Guest-Experience“an Eden day Spa in the middle of the city” inspired to the extending throughout India. Greater emphasis is given to the design element of the treatment room and for the guests to have exceptional spa and remain in harmony with the environmental   and cultural ambiance of the surrounding neighborhood.

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